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       I am beyond pleased with my cleaner's conscientiousness and our positive rapport.    
Tom A.22/05/2024

       I couldn't have asked for a better outcome from the service, their deep cleaning option proved to be the perfect solution after my move as they left everything looking spotless within 24 hours.    
Daisy Smith16/04/2024

       The deep cleaning service on my flat from this company was absolutely outstanding! Cannot thank them enough, highly recommend for their thoroughness and professionalism.    
Stella A.30/03/2024

       We were lucky to have come across London Cleaning, who transformed our new house into a clean and welcoming space for us to call home.    

       I am so grateful for the hard work and results achieved by your team of cleaners.    
Charlotte H.01/03/2024

       Without a doubt, this is the only cleaning team I will trust to care for my home - they consistently deliver outstanding results.    
Rachel G.18/02/2024

       Quiet but fast, the cleaner respectfully cleaned my mother's home with impressive results for the cleanliness of her carpet that we can't stop admiring.    
Bill C.08/02/2024

       The team that came for the cleaning was right on schedule; they did an excellent job with the end of tenancy cleaning, and I would gladly work with them again.    
Sarah A.29/01/2024

       Thanks to their dedication and professionalism, we had a successful and satisfying journey with them.    
J. Jonah19/01/2024

       Exceptional service from this company! The cleaners were proficient, exhaustive and well-mannered. They did a marvelous job. The booking was expeditious and facile.     
Dominic T.27/11/2023

       Stellar service, reliable firm and competitive costs. Showed up punctually and only left once the house looked perfect.    
Fredia G.02/08/2023

       A friend suggested I try London Cleaners after I was whining about having to spend so much time on domestic cleaning and I'm so glad I decided to go through with it. It's so much cheaper than I ever expected and the team do a far better job than I ever could. Now I love coming home.    
Sam Boyle28/11/2018

       It's always a pleasure to welcome their cleaners to my home. They always arrive in good spirits and do a fabulous job. It's little wonder London Cleaning are rated so highly.    
Laura H.20/11/2017

       Thanks for assisting us with the house cleaning and for organising a cleaner to come to our house at such short notice last week. I just want to let you know that she did a spectacular job, was quick and skilled. We are happy with the results and would be glad to hire your cleaners on a weekly basis. Thank you again LondonCleaners for coming to our aid.    
J. Lucas23/06/2016

       Our baking company is based out of our home. This indeed calls for a lot of cleaning and scrubbing. We hired LondonCleaners to clean the bakery and all our equipment. They scrubbed the ovens and shelves till they were spotless. The skilled team worked hard with a smile on their faces. We will be more than happy to hire their services again.    
Amy N.19/08/2015

       I admit it, I had become lazy. I couldn't be bothered cleaning my house and this meant it had become a mess. I ignored it for a while but things started to change. My house was so cluttered I couldn't find things and guests weren't happy to be there. Wanting to erase the mess I called London Cleaning. I let them do the work, because I wouldn't or couldn't. They did a much better job than I ever could and so now my home is immaculate. I can't promise I will keep it clean but I know they will help when it becomes messy again.    
Tina Day31/07/2015

       There's nothing quite like peace of mind when it comes to a clean home and that's exactly what London Cleaners provide! As promised on their website, their cleaners are all professionally vetted with skill and experience in professional cleaning. Visiting our home once a week, a crew of individuals get down and dirty, tackling all those jobs I dread, like window cleaning, over cleaning, bathroom tile scrubbing and so much more. I feel so fortunate to have found such a reliable company!    
Miranda S.15/01/2015

       Our business premises needed a good spring clean as they had been over used and our day to day cleaners weren't really getting into the corners or dealing with the build up of dust. We decided to bring in a good cleaning agency on a one off basis and London Cleaners were recommended to me by another business. We are very glad we used them as their cleaning really is of the highest quality. The cleaners this company provided were equipped to deal with all sorts including cleaning the carpets and deep cleaning the hardwood floor in our reception area.    

       I've hired London Cleaners probably about 5 times now in the last half year, and I must say, worth every penny! I can remember trying another company a few years back, who basically turned up and said that I didn't have the right cleaning materials, which is fair play, but were a little rude about it. The cleaners that have turned up with this company are some of the nicest people I've come across, and make it easy to relax while doing their work. I'd advise anyone looking for a cleaning service to give these guys a shot!    
Ross P.23/10/2014

       I love to throw parties and host dinners and the sitting room is usually the heart of all activities in my home. From casual get-togethers with friends to elaborate luncheons with the girls, there is nothing I enjoy as much as hosting. I've painstakingly put together the perfect sitting room for hosting and London Cleaners is the only cleaning agency I trust to be able to look after my sofas and loveseats and my grand piano. I've enjoyed an unmatched cleaning service and my vote fully goes to this team.    
Zoe P.19/09/2014

       You know how sometimes you feel like you're just going through the motions every day? Getting up, going to work, getting home then cleaning, and going to bed? Well that's how I felt before I hired London Cleaners! With their excellent cleaners visiting me every couple of weeks, my home doesn't need my cleaning hand as often. Because of this, I can mix things up - I can relax and enjoy myself after work for a change! They do a professional level job without stripping my savings, too, so I can afford to hire them fairly often! What a fantastic service, I've never looked back, personally!    
Kathleen T.29/08/2014

       I recently had a bit of a party at the house, and we had to get some help in as far as the cleaning went. To say that London Cleaners were miracle workers would be doing them a disservice. We left them at it for a couple of hours, and were astonished to find that they had made the place look better than before the party in no time at all! Admittedly, there were two cleaners working at it for two hours, but still, the results were amazing! I hope that other people get the same results from them, as they really are excellent.    
Jeremy Ward31/07/2014

       After working 9-5 and then training most evenings and weekends, my house is constantly neglected. Whenever my friends or family come to visit they always comment on the state of my house and it started to get really embarrassing. I found the number of London Cleaners on google and booked a day and time that best suited me. They talked me through everything and put it all plain and simple so I knew everything I needed to. I'm so glad I went with this company; everything they do is so professional and well organised.    
Joe Anerley16/07/2014

       I had held a party for my young daughter, and like all small children some accidents happened with drinks and food. I tried to clean them myself but some of the stains were too much. I called a new company in the area London Cleaners to arrange a carpet clean service for as soon as possible. They came within the day, armed with their cleaning equipment. The cleaning team was great they explained that they were using environmentally friendly products to sanitise the flooring and steam it clean. The work was done in no time and the results were fantastic.    
Jana Wilson12/06/2014

       I was in need of some cleaning service after I fell and hurt my back. I actually liked doing the housework, but was struggling to keep on top of the chores. I decided to hire London Cleaners and give them a go. The company was easy to deal with, and the office staff gave me all of the relevant details about the services on offer, costs and how to pay etc. I booked a one off spring clean service to start with to see how it went. The cleaners arrived on time, with their tools and began to clean the place. The cleaners were friendly and worked very hard all day. They attended to every detail and did a terrific job.    
Joey Brite26/05/2014

       You can't underestimate the power of a good cleaning company, as I found out with London Cleaners. We had a massive gathering at our place, and whilst it was meant to be outside, the house got pretty messy still! I was extremely impressed by how well the cleaning company got on with the job the next day, and it was looking like new by noon! What an amazing job, and what a lovely bunch, great to work with, and great at working! Very highly recommended to all who need a five star cleaning service in their very own home!    
Angie Harper29/04/2014

       Brilliant! I cannot recommend this company highly enough. Everything is always on time and cleaned to a very professional standard. The upholstery is now always well looked after and I no longer have to spend hours a week removing dog hair from living room. After my promotion at work I really had no time to this service is a fantastic way of freeing up some hours of my time. Two of the cleaners from London Cleaners no visit every third Thursday and carefully clean every inch of my apartment in no time. Another worry that I don't have to deal with, and I'm eating so much butter now because I have time to cook!    
Karen S.08/04/2014

       It seems that everyone who has had the pleasure of working with London Cleaners has gotten the same kind of experience which we have. It's amazing how quickly you can come to depend on those services which make a real difference and with weeks I'm not sure I could go back to how our home was before. It's just so clean now. Even in the little spaces where you never check, just a great service all around. And the price is so low, which is something I rarely see mentioned on here. A great service at a great price, brilliant.    
Albert Alexander19/03/2014

       I have a young child, and I find that sometimes I am a little over my head with work, which gives me an excuse to get a cleaner round! I have always used London Cleaners because they have always given me a great rate for a decent job. I'm yet to be disappointed by them, and would certainly hope that others who used them felt the same having done so. You can't really beat a service that is both efficient and a good price, but if you add in the fact that the staff are all lovely people, you're on to a winner!    
Pablo C.05/03/2014

       After working with a number of less than professional cleaning companies to provide routine home cleaning, I finally settled on London Cleaners to provide routine home cleaning. I needed a company I could trust to be in my home when I was not there. The experts at London Cleaners provide a reliable and convenient service. They are thorough and affordable and ensure that everything is completed to my satisfaction. I would definitely recommend them to anybody looking for a clean home, but who doesn't have the time to clean it themselves. They really save me a lot of time and effort! Thanks for the job well done!    
Melanie G.18/02/2014

       Having my house cleaned by professionals was not something I had ever considered in my life until I was at a friends and she let on about what a great effect having one had had on her lifestyle. I didn't particularly like the thought of a stranger in my home but gave it a go anyway, and she was right! For the cost, London Cleaners save me considerable stress, time and effort. I don't need to give the cleaning a second thought as I have complete peace of mind that they are taking care of it, which they do. And do well. Highly recommended.    
W. Yankey30/01/2014

       When you've got pets, kids and a busy work schedule scrubbing your floors and vacuuming is the absolute last thing you want to do, and I was getting really sick of coming home to a messy house. I was embarrassed to have friends and family round but I just didn't have the time to bleach and clean my house from top to bottom as often as it needed it. I called London Cleaners hoping they could help me out and they certainly have! My house looks great and I don't ever need to worry about having company over. Fantastic!    

       I am extremely happy with the work that London Cleaners have done for me so far. They have been excellent with their time keeping, getting everything done in the allotted time, and ensuring that my rate always remains the same. The price is extremely good value, and the place always looks excellent when they are done. I am pleased to be able to recommend them to all reading this, as I feel they are an excellent service who anyone would do well to employ.    
Julia Bailey07/01/2014

       I thought that it would be impossible to get a house that looks as clean as mine does now! Household chores were really getting me down, and I just couldn't face up to everything that needed to be done around my house. I contacted London Cleaners and they gave me some great prices so I decided to give them a trial run. My house was left looking like something out of a magazine - I was so impressed I even invited my friends round for a nosey! Now I never do any cleaning, I leave it all to the experts and I couldn't be happier about it! Thanks!    

       If you are struggling even slightly to keep up with the household chores, give London Cleaners a call. I was set on their path following a dinner at a friend's house, when I had to ask exactly how they managed to keep their house so clean. ‘We let London Cleaners take care of it' was their response, so I decided to let them take care of my cleaning as well. I am so glad I did, they keep my house pristine and maintain good dialogue to make sure they are going about things exactly as I want them done.    
Dana Marksbury05/12/2013

       Having a cleaner round is like a life raft in a stormy shipwreck! London Cleaners have saved me so much hassle since I started using them, mainly due to the fact that I don't have to worry about the cleaning being part of my increasingly busy schedule, which is amazing! Having had to concern myself with cleaning after work, and picking the kids up after school, and making them dinner was getting a bit much, so it seemed a natural thing to do. I have been really happy with the decision so far, and feel it is likely down to how great the team are at what they do!    
Annie Morden25/11/2013

       I am pleased to say that I had a great experience with London Cleaners last week. They were the first cleaner that I have had round in a number of years, and I did not really know what to expect. They were prompt and very good at their job, which was exactly what I needed from them, so no complaints! I was also impressed by the value for money that they gave, seeing as the price was fairly low, and the service was pretty excellent. I would recommend this company highly to anyone reading my review.    
M. Lewis15/11/2013

       I'm not usually one for words, but wanted to say what a good job London Cleaners have been doing keeping my house tidy. When my daughters come round, they have a habit of messing up the place and then leaving. Not a problem. As soon as the cleaners from London Cleaners have been, my house is back to normal and ready to face another round. They've got to know me and know my needs and have tailored their services to meet them exactly. Like I said, not really one for words, but these guys are really very good at what they do.     
T. Ortega05/11/2013

       Hi, not sure whether you remember me, but London Cleaners helped with a clean up at my house the other day. This is a really weird question, but my mum insisted that I get in touch to try and find out the name of the products you used and where we can get them. It takes a lot to impress her, and she was blown away with the standard. Really happy with the service as well, the staff are all really nice. If there's any way you can let me know, I'd love to pass this info on. Thanks again!    
Bethany P.26/10/2013

       Just wanted to stop by to let you know how happy I am with the services provided by London Cleaners. It's been a few months now and their visits are one of the highlights of my week. Not only for the familiar friendly faces, but the knowledge that, by the time they've left, my house feels brand new. They sweep, hoover, mop; they do whatever it takes to make my house feel as clean as possible. It makes me want to be a better person, living in such a clean place. London Cleaners, guys, you save my life every week.     
Tanya Cross16/10/2013

       I hate cleaning up, as most people do, but I view it as a time stealing exercise in futility in which everything returns to a messy state within days. I didn't want my home to be untidy but I could now longer do this chore. I called London Cleaners in the hopes they could take over everything and they did. I now don't have to lift a finger to keep my home clean and am still reward with a sparkling home. They do the hard work and give the best result.    
Randy Albertson06/10/2013

       I've always had a difficult time grappling with my cleaning chores. I never have the time or I can't complete it to a high enough standard. In order to solve both of these problems, I knew London Cleaners could help. I'd heard good things about them so I felt they could assist me. Their team came to my address with everything they required and got to work immediately. They sorted my goods, wiped every service, polished each item and more, ensuring that every part of every room in my home was immaculate.    
Neil St.26/09/2013

       I had just moved into a new home so I was excited about unpacking and making the abode my own. However, before I could commence this there was a lot of cleaning to do. The house was pretty messy and because I wanted to get it done as soon as possible, I called up London Cleaners. They helped me get things done in no time and their staff ensured that the job was perfect. If my new home gets messy again, I will ring them without delay.    
Mia Landon16/09/2013

       I have a busy career so finding time to keep my home clean is difficult. It can mean putting off important duties of using what little free time I have. I abhorred the idea of a messy home so I decided I needed some help from London Cleaners. I knew they could have their staff come to my home on a regular basis and tackle all the clutter and dust that had accumulated. They did this and more, giving me a home I can relax in, without any hard work.    
I. McCormick06/09/2013

       Running a business requires constant work, even when I am not at the office. My staff and I are always busy so more often than not, the building will get messy. It is impossible to work under such conditions and it doesn't reflect well on us. In order to keep everything working its best without taking them away from my duties, I hire CleaningLondon to handle the cleaning. They make the office look immaculate without us needing to lift a finger, so they play an important part in my businesses success and deserve all the praise they get.    
Christina Brown27/08/2013

       I've had a baby for just over a year now and it hasn't been easy. I have found myself facing sleepless night and busy days, and because of this, many things have been neglected, one of which I cleaning. I don't have much time for this anymore, and so the house can quickly become messy. Wanting to remedy this I asked LondonCleaners for help. Now, once a week, an expert cleaner will come to my home and give it a good clean while I attend to my child. The house has never looked better so I want to thank them and recommend their services to others.    
Linda Maxwell26/08/2013

       Finding a home right for me had taken a long time but when I came across it, I found it was quite messy. I couldn't turn it down just because of that so I snapped it up. I had the home I wanted but not in the condition, I desired so a large cleaning job was in order. Wanting the best result, I contacted Cleaners London fop help, knowing they could lend their staff's expertise and equipment to give me the cleanest home possible. Within few days, my home was looking like new and ready for me to live in.    
Anthony West25/08/2013

       I hadn't been able to put much effort into keeping my home clean over recent months because of the demands of my job. Mess started to accumulate and the entire building was starting to look unliveable. With nowhere else to turn I contacted London Cleaners, hoping for some help. Within half an hour, everything was sorted and the next day I had a cleaner at my door. She worked miracles and made every room look better than it had before. Now, she comes once a week, so my household always looks its best.    
Laura Allan24/08/2013

       My house had really started to get messy. I am very busy with work so I don't usually have time to clean it up. Knowing I couldn't do it myself, I looked for help and found CleaningLondon. They did everything I expected and more, seeing to every corner of my home, sorting, dusting, wiping, polishing, vacuuming and much more. My home has never looked this good and it was all because of their hard work. The next time my home starts to get untidy I will call them instantly and know they will do great job.    
Fred Davis23/08/2013

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