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Why Should you Use a Cleaning Company? Why Should you Use a Cleaning Company? 27 June 2014

Why indeed? Why not do all of your cleaning yourself? After all, what’s the sense in paying someone else to do perfectly simple chores? You could be surprised! Over 60% of households in first world countries employ a person, or people, to help keep on top of their daily routine. Some people are scathing about this, but the truth is that for many people it makes sense.The modern lifestyle has changed from the stable nucleus family that was typical 50 years ago. Back then housewives were expected to do little more than bear and raise children and keep the house clean. Nowadays, pressures on women, both alone and within a family unit, have increased substantially which reduces their overall ability to keep an immaculate house. Many women have dealt with this by simply changing their view on the importance of maintaining an uber-clean environment – but many others have chosen the hired help option. And when you’ve reached this decision – there is another critical one to make. Do you go for an independent cleaner who is self-employed and operates alone? Or do you go for a professional cleaning company, whose rates are likely to be higher? An overwhelming number of people choose the latter – and for compelling reasons. 1.    Privacy. If you employ a single person to come in and clean your home, the chances are that they will be looking to form a bond, however casual that may be. Being in someone’s home regularly naturally makes any visitor familiar with the family, routines, lifestyle habits, etc. A sole person will inevitably be looking to chat as they do their chores for you, which can prove a major disturbance on your day, however kindly meant. A cleaning company on the other hand will maintain a professional distance. And though they may be in your home, they won’t be prying into the minutiae of your life. You may well end up being grateful for this. 2.    Speed. Two or more people will necessarily accomplish tasks much faster than one person. This is a bonus in two ways. Firstly, they will be in and out quicker, leaving your day to resume its normal rhythm as soon as possible. And secondly, if the overall time is less – so will be the cost. This may well be an important factor for many people, no one has dollars to throw away. 3.    Professionalism. It’s a guarantee that a professional cleaning company will train its staff carefully. There will be policies and guidelines in place which mean that your house will be cleaned swiftly, effectively and in a logical manner. You will know that the people you are inviting into your home are practiced in their trade. 4.    Safety. A cleaning company will have checked their staff credentials before sending them on to the customer. Therefore you can feel fully satisfied that you are able to trust the cleaner/s. If by chance something disturbing did happen you would an immediate forum of complaint and/or compensation. Think of it as protecting your home and family. 5.    Tools. An independent cleaner won’t bring her own tools or cleaning products. She will expect you to provide them - and replenish them as needed. You won’t be the one using them and therefore measuring how much of what is needed, but you will be the one paying for them. And the cleaner will be limited to using whichever brushes, dustpans, dusters, sponges, squeegees that you own. A cleaning company will more often than not be fully kitted out to make your home sparkle from top to bottom without needing to open a single cupboard!

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