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Useful Garden Cleaning Tips! Useful Garden Cleaning Tips! 26 September 2014

Keeping your garden clean and tidy means that you can use it all year round, without having too much of a big cleaning job to do when summer comes around! If you want to have a cleaner and tidier garden for your home then just have a look at the following garden cleaning tips!1)    Removing weeds.Weeds are very unsightly and should be removed when found in your garden if you want to maintain the appearance of cleanliness and tidiness. Pull up any weeds whilst wearing gardening gloves and recycle them or use them on a compost heap. Spray or set-down a weed-killing agent to prevent them from re-appearing, but be careful if you have pets or lots of wildlife in your garden, as some weed-killers can be toxic and potentially fatal to animals.2)    Trimming your plants and flowers.Keep your plants and flowers in check by trimming away and weeds, dead branches or leaves and to prevent them from growing in areas that you might not want them too! Invest in a good pair of garden shears and you’ll notice a big difference to the appearance and tidiness of your garden!3)    Keeping your garden clutter-free.Kids, pets, wild animals and even strong winds can leave your garden looking messy and busy with toys, dirt and debris. If you have children try to get them into the habit of returning toys to where they’ve come from. If you have outdoor toys such as paddling pools then you might want to invest in an outdoor storage unit or plastic box in which to store them. If you have swings or other play-sets in your garden try to clean them or dust them regularly – especially in the summer months – so that bugs, grime and bacteria can be kept at bay. After particularly bad weather check your garden for fallen trees, large branches or even just general rubbish such as plastic bags or bottles. Get rid of these as soon as they appear to keep your garden looking clean and tidy!4)    Cleaning up after pets and wild animals.If you have pets then make sure to clean up any mess they make as soon as it appears. This will make it easier to mow the lawn, trim your plants and will prevent flies from being attracted to your garden! There are many available solutions to pet-mess on the market, so have a look online or in your local pet store to find the right solution for you, your pet and your garden.5)    Garden storage solutions.As previously mentioned, garden storage solutions are a great idea if you want to keep your garden free from clutter. Barbeques, outdoor furniture, children’s toys, parasols and even gardening equipment can all be easily and safely stored outside with a garden storage solution, or why not try clearing out your shed and redesigning it for all of your garden storage needs?

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