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Tough Kitchen Cleaning Tough Kitchen Cleaning 19 April 2014

There are plenty of spots around the house that you would likely prefer avoid having to clean at any one time, but the most difficult is usually the kitchen. There are more tough cleaning places in the kitchen than in the rest of the house put together! Perhaps an exaggeration, but it’s true, the kitchen is a difficult place to get feeling completely spotless. The combination of messy preparation of food, and the process of cooking it serves to make a mess in the first place, and given how busy you are usually in the kitchen, you rarely get a chance to mop things up in time! There are a few ways in which you can ensure that your kitchen remains in decent shape, and a few tips for getting the really difficult spots in the kitchen cleaned nicely!For a start, you just need to think a little about your kitchen manner. When cooking, you need space and order in a certain sense, though obviously some cooks will tell you otherwise! If your ingredients are all over the place, and you don’t have space to cut things up then you are in trouble, so make sure that your kitchen is clear before you start making food. Whilst you are cooking, there will be points at which you can take a second to knock the scraps in the bin, as well as ensuring that things are being washed up as you go, and surfaces cleared. There is nothing worse than getting something thats a little too hot to hold on to out of the oven, and not being able to find a safe place to out it down, so make space! This cleaning on the job will also mean that the tidy up after the cooking is done will be a lot less of a process, and you will be done in no time.Kitchen manner aside, there is still going to be a time when you have to clean the kitchen properly, and this means that you need to clean the oven. The main trick for the oven is to be prepared with both time, and a long handled scrubbing brush. The time is to allow the chemicals in the oven cleaner to really do their bit on the burnt on grease that can be found in any oven, and the long handled scrubbing brush will hopefully prevent you from having to have your arm all the way in to the oven when you are cleaning the back of it out! Be sure to wear rubber gloves, as the chemicals involved can be extremely harsh on the skin.Cleaning the fridge is similar in that you have to spray down the inside of a big cuboid that has food residue in, but it will be a lot less of a difficulty. You will be able to wipe the fridge down with a rough sponge, and get rid of most of the dirt easily. The shelves may be taken out and washed in the sink like plates, which is useful. If you feel like your fridge has a bit of a smell, you can try sprinkling baking powder in to a small bowl and leaving it in the corner, to soak up all the odors. If you want a zestier smell, sprinkle the baking soda in to a halved lemon rind for fresh results!

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