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How to get a Clean Office in under 60 Minutes How to get a Clean Office in under 60 Minutes 18 June 2015

Offices tend to become a little cluttered during the busy times of the week. Your desk may be lost in a heap of documents and files, your carpet may be collecting more dust by the second and your keyboard may have dozens of bread crumbs trapped in between the keys. If you think it’s time for an office makeover then do it in under sixty minutes with this office cleaning guide.

1. Files and Paperwork
If you are working in an office it is important that all of your files are properly organized. Use folders and keep them together so that nothing gets lost. Using different folders for different projects will ensure that nothing gets mixed in with the wrong category.

2. Clean Carpets
Carpet cleaning can be quick and easy if you know how to do it right. Use a vacuum cleaner first in order to lift dirt, dust and lint. If you have spilt some coffee or liquids that have left stains, use your choice of carpet cleaners to remove it. These come in either shampoo or powder format.  

3. Tidy Desktop
If you have a cluttered desk, chances are you aren’t going to get much work done. Clear your desktop and use trays to store mail and stationery. By keeping your desk items together neatly you can get more work done without much clutter getting in your way.

4. Neat Shelving
Some offices benefit greatly from shelving to store files, documents and even stock. Shelves make great use out of wall space and will increase the amount of storage room in your office. They are easy to install and can be done in a matter of minutes with the right tools.

5. Shiny Electronics
Cleaning your monitor and keyboard with electronic cleaning wipes will give your office an instant revitalization. The best way to keep your computer clean is to avoid eating lunches at the desk and to wipe your electronics daily in order to keep them looking as fresh and clean as possible.

6. Organized Drawers
Professional cleaners will tell you that organised desk drawers can make your life a whole lot easier. Drawer dividers are probably the best way in which to achieve clean cupboards and they are great at keeping all of your possessions organized.

7. Use Labels
Make the most out of the label maker Christmas gift and use it to label folders and boxes in your office. Once you know where everything goes it is more likely they will stay there in the future. Labels will help ensure that your new clean office will remain just as clean in a few weeks.

8. Calming Walls
If you want a more relaxing environment to work from, choose to paint your office walls a more calming colour. Avoid bold colours such as red as this is likely to decrease your mood and will discourage productivity whilst calming wall colours such as pastel shades will encourage a good work ethic.

9. Window Cleaners
You can hire a cleaning company to wash the windows of your office and make the entire room more bright and cheery. This is especially worthwhile if your office is on a height and your windows have gathered a lot of dust over time.

10. Upholstery Cleaning
If your office has a lot of furniture in it and some items need a good cleaning you can use a proper upholstery cleaner to tackle tough stains. Make sure to use blotting motions when washing spills and do so gently to avoid setting the stain in deeper into the furniture.

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