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How To Clean Your Patio Furniture How To Clean Your Patio Furniture 16 December 2014

Your patio is probably always neglected during your house cleaning sessions until it is time for you to use them, that is, around spring time. Because this furniture is exposed to the elements, they gather a lot more dirt and dust than normal furniture and cannot be cleaned using the same methods as you do for your house furniture. Also, because it is exposed to the weather so much, chances are that you have used furniture made of a material that is weather resistant, such as wrought iron or wood. Upholstery, if used, generally consists of cushions and pillow which can be removed and stored in the closet when the furniture is not in use.Cleaning your patio furniture regular is essential not only to get a good looking outdoors but also to ensure that they last longer against the elements. Here are few spring cleaning tips on how to clean your patio furniture. However, if this is your first time and you don’t know which products will suit your furniture, it is best to call a cleaning agency and let them do the job for you once. 1.    Move your furniture to a cleaning areaAlthough you can clean your furniture on the porch itself, there are chances that water might collect in the area and damage your patio floor or be problematic to remove. So, if possible, move your furniture to a cleaning area that is near a source of water supply and had good drainage for the waste water to clear out. A large area would be preferable so that you can fit your furniture in it and hose it down without getting any other part of your house wet. A clean spot will ensure that spraying does not transfer mud and dirt back to your furniture. 2.    RinseBecause your outdoors furniture has gotten heavily dirty, the best way to remove the dirt after doing an initial wipe down is to rinse it with a hose. The powerful spray of water will loosen the dirt, pollen and mould stuck on the furniture and makes it easier to scrub them away. 3.    WashPut a dab of furniture cleaner on a soft brush or sponge dampened with water and scrub away the grime and dirt that is more difficult to remove. Using a bucket full of cleaning solution is probably an easier way to go about the task. Dish washing liquid should do just find for most kinds of furniture, but if in doubt, call a cleaning company or the furniture store for advice. When washing, it is better to work your way from top to bottom so that the dirt you are cleaning away doesn’t find its way back on the furniture. When you are done washing, rinse the soap away with a powerful spray. Any soap residue left behind can make your furniture sticky and attract more dust and dirt when dirty. 4.    DryAfter you are done washing your patio furniture, leave them out in the sun to dry. Don’t use heat or suction to remove moisture from the furniture as this might ruin your furniture. However, this also means that you will have to plan on cleaning your furniture on a day when the sun is out and shining bright. If you can’t get the sun, try your best to dry out the furniture using towels. However, in the absence of the sun, the furniture will take longer to dry and thus attract dirt, pollens and mold spores.5.    ProtectIf you are not using your furniture immediately after you have cleaned it, make sure you put a cover on them to protect them from the elements and from gathering dust and pollens. Cleaning your patio furniture too often can damage them. Besides, the cover is much easier to wash than you entire furniture.

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