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Essential Tools For Oven Cleaning Essential Tools For Oven Cleaning 23 May 2014

1.    Gloves.The chemicals in oven cleaner are often hugely corrosive, in order to give you the best chance of cutting through the baked on grease before you start scrubbing. For this reason, it is pretty essential that you are able to find a pair of gloves before you start dealing with the stuff, as it will often leave you with rashes on your skin, and can lead to long term issues like eczema or dry skin. It will be pretty painful on contact as well, especially with any cuts or grazes that you may already have. Regular marigold gloves for washing up should be fine. You may even want to wear a mask if you are going to have your face near the oven whilst it is full of oven cleaning fluid!2.    Long handled scrubbing brush.You will find that one of the most difficult parts of the job is the leaning down and bending over that you need to do in order to get your back in to the process of scrubbing as hard as you may need to get rid of the tough build up of grease and grime. The resulting pains and aches can follow you around for days, so why not get a long handled brush, that will mean that you do not have to lean as far in to the oven as you might do otherwise? Your brush should be a heavy duty one with tough, stiff bristles, as the grease will be hard, and difficult to penetrate. You will need to continually refresh the brush as well, to ensure that you are getting rid of the build up or removed grease and grime, as otherwise the brush will become clogged and less useful over all. 3.    Oven cleanerOven cleaning products come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and varieties, and all promise to clean your oven much better than you could ever have dreamed. However, none of them are going to remove the fact that you will indeed need to scrub at the dirt pretty hard, and probably for a while, if the build up is bad enough. You will find that some oven cleaners have more toxic content, whilst others will be gentler, but need you to do more of the work. It is up to you as to what you value in the product, do you want to minimize your exposure to the nasty stuff, or do you just want the oven cleaned as easily as possible? Some oven cleaners come with bags for the racks and trays, to ensure that you can get as much coverage over them without wasting too much oven cleaner. These are not essential however. 4.    Rags and cloths.When you have finished cleaning the oven, you will need to rinse the unit out, as otherwise you would be stuck with a load of nasty chemical residue in there, as well as the remnants of the dirt that was once stuck to the interior walls of the oven. Rinsing out the oven can be a messy job, and you will need to do so slowly and carefully, with a cloth or old towels. Put an old towel down at the foot of the oven, so that any water or residue that spills out of the front will be caught, and not get all over your nice kitchen floor. You will need cloths to wipe down the outside of the oven, which can be done whilst you wait for the oven cleaner to do its job after application.

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